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Using it for my water pump and it's a great product. Added a schedule in app to automatically turn the pump on and off daily. Solves the problem where you have turn on the water pump according to your water supply timings and if you miss you have to wait for next slot. I would recommend 10A socket because devices at home don't go beyond 10A, but if you are planning on connecting multiple device to this socket than go for 15A.

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Great product, extremely happy with the purchase. Not sure all the readings that I get are correct as I don't have another scale to compare it with, but I feel the readings are correct. It is quite easy to set up and the app is quite user-friendly. I am extremely happy with the purchase :)

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Muhemmed Adil

I m pretty satisfied with the camera picture result

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Umair Raza

I received the smart IR. Thanks a lot. it is working really well so far.

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Sharjeel Farooq

Okasha smart switch controller Very useful product for water motor Smart product and now a days to save time and effort. It will be soon in almost every home. Thank You Okasha for adding value in our routine life.

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All the products are in use now. I must say I’m pretty impressed with the devices. They’re installed easily and work great. The smart bulbs work great as well. I have LIFX bulbs as well that I bought years ago for 9000 each. But the ones I bought from Okasha are just as great with very low price. But what’s better above all is the customer service. All the best. Awaiting new products.

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Dayan Brohi