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We welcome individuals, agencies, and firms, whether new entrants or industry veterans, who share our vision of expanding networks and reaching customers more efficiently. Let’s collaborate and explore new horizons together!” 🌟

Our Policies

Partner and Distributor Support Policy

At OkashaSmart, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration! Our commitment extends to providing our distributors and partners with exceptional support, making their business operations smoother and enabling them to better serve their customers. We offer assistance in the following key areas:

  • 1- Product Knowledge: Equipping our partners with comprehensive knowledge about SolarMax products.

  • 2- Sales and Marketing Support: Assisting in sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer outreach.

  • 3- Technical Guidance: Providing technical expertise and troubleshooting assistance.

  • 4- Logistics and Supply Chain: Streamlining logistics and ensuring timely product delivery.

  • 5- Customer Service: Supporting distributors in addressing customer inquiries and concerns.

Let’s collaborate and shine together! ✨


Our Support

We provide comprehensive assistance to our distributors and partners in the following key areas:

Marketing Support

Sustained business growth is essential for enhancing customer services and effectively reaching potential clients. At OkashaSmart, we collaborate closely with our partners and distributors, supporting their business growth and facilitating expansion. 🌱🚀

Region-Based Sales Support:


 We offer comprehensive sales advice to our regional partners and distributors, assisting them with effective policy matters.

Activities and Establishment Support:


We actively encourage our distributors and partners to participate in industry marketing events, broadening their vision and establishing physical outlets to enhance their presence.

Online Promotion and Digital Advertising Program: 


In the digital landscape, advertising is essential. Our digital marketing program provides guidance and support to our partners, helping them increase brand exposure and product awareness, ultimately expanding their reach.

Support in Designing Traditional Marketing Material:


For traditional marketing initiatives, we assist our distributors and partners in designing and distributing marketing materials and printed products.

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Technical Support

We collaborate closely with our partners to provide expert guidance and technical support for their business. At SolarMax, we recognize the importance of staying abreast of technological advancements. Therefore, we offer our collaborators the utmost support to keep pace with evolving technology. 🌟

Professional Training Support

Staying abreast of the latest technology is crucial for business success. At SolarMax, we offer our partners and distributors comprehensive technical training and guidance, empowering them to perform their business operations effectively.

Tailored Project Support:

Recognizing that each project is unique, we offer customized support and facilitation for individual projects and programs that our partners are working on.

Efficient Customer Service

Our ultimate goal is to empower our partners in every possible way. To achieve this, we have a dedicated technical support team that provides both pre-sales and after-sales service to our partners and distributors. This ensures they can operate their businesses professionally and with confidence.