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Meet the smoke detector that integrates with a full Okasha smart system to unlock doors, cut off airflow, and prompt instant access to a dedicated 24/7 monitoring team in the event of a fire. Rest easy with a smart smoke detector that proactively protects. When smoke or excessive heat is detected, a local fire alarm sounds while the built-in transmitter sends a signal to Okasha ZigBee hub.

One Detector Cover 15 Square ft Area. 

6 Months Warranty 

1. Working With Okasha Smart Platform

2. Low Power Consumption Zigbee Technology

3. Adopt Standard Zigbee Zha Protocol

4. Super Low Power Consumption Design

5. Mini Appearance Design, Smart And Fashionable

6. Support Hush Function

7. Tool-Free Installation Design,That Is Affixed

8. That Is Used Online Monitoring

9. Low Power Indication And Report, Sound And Flash Alarm Output

1. Working Voltage:Dc3V CR123A Battery

2. Static Current:≤10Ua

3. Alarm Current:≤60Ma

4. Networking:Zigbee Network

5. Sound Alarm:85Db/3M

6. Wireless Networking Distance:≤70M (In The Open Area) 

7. Anti-Rf Interference:80Mhz — 1Ghz 10V/M

8. Working Environment:-10℃  +50℃ 

9. Working Humidity:Maximum 95%Rh

10. Dimension:60*60*49.2mm

The importance of smoke detector alarmsYou may not know,Smoke Alarm sensor cut the risk of dying in a home fire less than 50%,and that's important because a home fire starts every 83 seconds in world! The earlier you know about a fire, the faster you can start moving your family outside.With a smoke alarm will guard your household safety! 

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