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Smart Siren with Sound and Flash Light. Linkage Working To A Door Sensor or PIR Sensor.

1. Working With Okasha Smart Platform

2. Standards Zigbee Ha1.2 Protocol

3. Low Power Consumption Design

4. High Flexible Rotating Plug, Suitable For Different Countries

5. Support Sound And Flash Alarm, Alarm

6. Sound Up To 95Db/M

7. Standby Battery Can Last For 12 Hours After Cutting Ac Power

8. Can Be Regarded As Wireless Repeater To Extend Wireless Distance

9. Good Compatibility

10. Alarm to the APP, Receiving Prompts in Time

Wireless loud outdoor siren with flashing light

Low battery notification

Working Voltage: Ac100240V~50Hz/60Hz

System shutdown detection

Motion sensor housing opening detection

Built-in rechargeable battery

Wireless alarm system, with a wireless magnetic sensor (for doors or windows) and a PIR motion sensor,

Up to 32 wireless sensors can be connected

The alarm can be expanded with additional wireless PIR motion sensors and magnetic door sensors. (sensors available in the offer)

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