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Door/Window Sensor allows you to monitor any door, window, or other open/close object in your home. When the object is opened, the battery-powered sensor triggers your security console to immediately sound the alarm, activate the voice dialer, and flash the lights. Door/Window Sensor consists of two components: the sensor and the magnet. The sensor installs on the door/window frame, and the magnet installs on the door/window itself. When the door/window is opened, the two components separate and trigger an alarm.

1. Monitor from anywhere and anytime through our Okasha Smart App.

2. Get smart notifications and alarms about open close status of doors and windows.

3. Monitor complete historic record through Okasha Smart App.

4. Battery Status Display

5. Low Battery Reminder

6. Can be linked and scheduled with other Okasha Smart Devices. 

Supported Mobile Phone Operating Systems: Android 4.4+; Ios 8.0+

Battery Type: 3V Cr2032

Magnet Material: N38

Transport Protocol: Zigbee

Wireless Frequency: 2.4 Ghz

Working Voltage: 2.3 V - 3.3 V

Working Current (Reported): 5 Ma On Average (Zigbee)

Standby Current: <3 Ua 

Working Temperature: -20C To 60C

Relative Humidity: 0% To 95% (No Condensation)

Net Weight38g ± 3g

Installation: Choose The Closed Position Of The Door/Windows 

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