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Fitting: Glass Door & Sliding

Experience the smart access everywhere. No drilling, no mess. The lock simply clips on to your glass door with industrial strength. You just have to Lock and roll! You can go completely keyless with this plug free, 12mm stainless steel lock tongue. It comes with multiple unlocking methods such as fingerprint, passcode, card scan and traditional manual locking/unlocking. It also comes with an added feature of power bank for emergency power supply.

Lock material: Zinc alloy

Lock color: Black

Unlock way: Fingerprint, password, IC cards

Fingerprint capacity: 200 persons

Password + IC card + Remote control: 1000

Power supply: 4 AA batteries

External power supply: Micro USB supply for emergency

Frameless door seam: 3-16mm

Suitable glass door thickness: 8-12mm

Suitable wooden door thickness: 4-6cm

Working temperature: -20°C~60°C

Applicable door: Glass door, Framed aluminum door, Wooden door, Sliding door

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