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Smart Products

Experience the smart access everywhere:

1. You can unlock it with fingerprint, password, card scanning and key.

2. Family member management (you can give access to your family members of door lock). 

3. App remote management (when you are away, open using the app).

4. USB emergency power interface.

5. Automatic lock feature.

6. Temporary password unlock (you can generate a temporary password in okasha smart app to unlock the door).

7. Camera feature (You can see on your phone who is standing on the other side of the door). 

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: Black

Dimension: 280*65*21MM

Mortise: Single latch or 5050 or 4085,6085,5072, KS etc.

Powered by: 4PCS AA battery

Power supply: 4.5V-6.5V (ie 4 AA batteries)

Typical quiescent current: <50 mA (battery life can exceed one year)

Working current: <200 mA (strong driving ability)

Quiet current: <50UA (strong driving ability)

Applicable door thickness: 35-50mm

Rejection rate: ≤0.15%

False acceptance rate: ≤0.00004%

Working temperature: -25℃-65℃

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