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Smart agile door lock have following features

1. You can unlock it with finger print, password, card scanning, key and with remote.

2. Generate a temporary password.

3. You can press bell button on door lock,  it will make built in bell rings.

4. Visual intercom (you can see on the other side in LED & on your mobile screen through app).

5. Unlock the handle immediately.

6. Family management (you can share door lock's access with your family members).

7. Manual lock/unlock (you can open/close the door by pressing the buttons)

8.  Face detection unlock feature, it will detect your face and unlock the door (Available only in one variant).

9. Rechargeable lithium ion battery (4200 mAH).

10. Water proof (IP65)

Power Supply: Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Handle Direction: Direction Reversible

Suitable for Mortise: 6068

Fit Door Thickness: 40-100mm

Suitable Door Type: Wooden Door, Steel Door, Brass Door, Stainless Steel Door, Other

Special Features: Built-in Doorbell, Built-in Camera, Built-in Peephole, Built-in Screen, Two-way Audio

Finish Type: Polished

Connectivity: WIFI

Ways To Unlock: Card, Finger print, Mechanical Keys, Password, APP, Face Recognition

Model Number: Agile

Smart home platform: Okasha Smart

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