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Get notified of every human detection static or moving in real time. It comes with the feature to even detect the tiniest movements, even breathing and heartbeat. Connect it with other smart devices to fully utilize the sensor and its features.

Voltage input: AC 110V-220V

Communication protocol: Wi-Fi/Zigbee

Communication distance: 100m (Open area)

Radar frequency: 24GHz

Transmitting power of millimeter wave radar: 10dBm (10mW)

Detection Angle: A three-dimensional fan-shaped area with a horizontal angle of 90° and an elevation of 60 when monitored vertically downwards, the detection surface is elliptical in shape.

Response speed: It will report in about 0.5 seconds when the human body is detected. After the person leaves, report on one within about 1 minute.

Scope of light detection: 0-65535lux

Working temperature: -10℃~+55℃

Working humidity: Relative humidity ≤ 95%RH

Product size: 80x45.5mm

Installation barrel diameter:65~70mm

Installation method: Ceiling mounted

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