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1. You can unlock it with finger print, password, card scanning and key.

2. Family member management (you can give access to your family members of door lock). 

3. App remote management (when you are away, open using app).

4. USB emergency power interface.

5. Automatic lock feature.

6. Temporary password unlock (you can generate a temporary password to unlock the door).

Door Type: Wood door, Steel door, Aluminum door, Brass door, Security door, safety door, room door, metal doors, aluminum alloy doors, Cast Aluminum door

Network: WIFI, Bluetooth

Data Storage Options: None

Product Name: Smart digital Room fingerprint door lock

Application: Home /office/apartments house/School

Ways to Open: APP + Fingerprint + Password + Key + card

Material: Aluminum alloy

Function: Okasha

Power supply: 4*1.5V AA Battery

Warranty: 1 year

Door thickness: 35-60mm

Emergency Power Supply: USB interface

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