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Multi wall socket with 2 USB will allow you to access and control any appliances that are plugged into it from your phone or via Alexa or Google voice control. If you suffer with mobility issues you now no longer have to struggle to reach your sockets.

For those with a busy lifestyle scheduling & controlling your appliances remotely can be a real helping hand and for those who just enjoy the SMARTER Lifestyle make the most of the SMART features such as Alexa & Google voice control along with app control. It comes with an additional fast charging port so you can be sure your devices are always fully charged.



1. Comes With High-Quality Tempered Glass Panel Design That Never Fades

Voltage: 100-240V AC/50~60Hz

Load Capacity: 13A

2. Comes with two USB Charging ports 9V-2A and 5V-1.2A

3. Easy To Install And Replace Old Switch Directly

4. Safety Gate In-Built Feature

5. Supports Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant

6. Distinguished Blue Led Indicator

7. Quick Charging Technology Support

8. Electric Stats

9. Energy Monitoring to ensure you save on your Electricity Bills

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