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Smart Water Leakage Sensor - Zigbee

Smart Motion Sensor - Zigbee

This smart PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor will recognize physical movement up to a distance of approximately seven meters covering an angle of 170°. This information can be sent to your Okasha app. To do this, Okasha Zigbee gateway is required (Available here) This sensor can not only notify you when someone is in the room, but by combining it with other products in the Okasha smart app, you can trigger any additional light, smart plug or siren.
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1. Standard Zigbee HA1.2 protocol, good compatibility

2. Low power consumption design, support battery lifespan up to 1.5 years

3. Support PET immnunity function

4. Support online monitoring function

5. Low power alert and report function

6. Free tool installation, stick and play

7. Auto temperature compensation, greatly improve sensitivity

8. Battery polarity reverse protection, over current protect

9. Anti-dismantle alarm

10. Nicera Sensor

11. Ultra slim design, with appearance patent

12. CE, ROHS,FCC approval.

Power: 3V Battery, 1.5 years battery life span

Size:65* 65* 28.5mm

Sensitivity:12m, 90 degree

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