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The Gas Sensor can be used as a part of a modern connected wireless ZigBee, integrated into smart home network, and can also buy this on your smartphone, tablet, PC etc. This Smart Combustible Gas Sensor adopts extra low power Consumption Zigbee Wireless Module. Used for detecting combustible gas leakage and preventing danger caused by gas leakage and Detector Alarms while gas density in air exceed alarm level. It is applicable for kitchen or possible gas leaking indoor area.
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1. Standard Zigbee HA1.2 protocol, good compatibility.

2. Super low power consumption design.

3. Anti interference from smoke and oil stain.

4. Can be regarded as wireless repeater to extend wireless distance.

5. Elaborate auto calibration, make a strong consistency.

6. Adopts flame retardant engineering housing material.

7. Free tool installment, AC powered, plug in and use.

8. Replaceable plug, suitable for users from different countries.

9. Smart and fashion design, with appearance design patent.

10. CE, ROHS, FCC approval

Power:AC 220V

Size:Size:79* 68* 31mm (do not include plug)

Sensitivity: 3000± 1000ppm

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