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Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor - Zigbee

Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor - Zigbee

Security Alarm Kit Wifi

Security Alarm Kit Wifi

Smart Combustible Gas Sensor - Zigbee

Smart Combustible Gas Sensor used for detecting combustible gas leakage and preventing harm caused by gas leakage. it also can be used as Zigbee repeater to extend wireless communication distance. It adopts high stability semi conductor gas sensor, with high stability, little sensitivity drift and may other features. Sensor alarms while gas density in air exceed alarm level. It is applicable for kitchen or possible gas leakage in door areas.It can be networked with other Zigbee products.
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1. Working With Okasha Smart Platform

2. Low Power Consumption Zigbee Technology

3. Adopt Standard Zigbee Zha Protocol

4. Ac Power Supply

5. Smart And Fashionable Appearance Design

6. Zigbee Repeater

7. Extend Wireless Transmission Distance

8. Online Monitoring

9. High Stability Semi-Conductor Sensor Adopted

10. Plug-In The Socket On The Wall

11. Convenience Installment

Working Voltage: AC100V 240V (Universal AC Input)
Average Power Supply: <1.5W
Sound Alarm: 75Db/1M
Alarm Sensitivity: 6%Lel±3%Lel (Natural Gas)
Networking: Zigbee Network
Wireless Networking Distance: ≤70M (In The Open Area)
Anti-Rf Interference: 80Mhz - 1Ghz 10V/M
Working Environment: -10℃ +50℃
Working Humidity: Maximum 95%Rh

Net Weight: 110g ± 3g

Dimension: 79*68*31mm
(No Including Plug)

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