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Smart Smoke Sensor - Zigbee

Smart Smoke Sensor - Zigbee

Smart Combustible Gas Sensor - Zigbee

Smart Combustible Gas Sensor - Zigbee

Smart Carbon Monoxide Sensor - Zigbee

Okasha Zigbee CO Sensor Carbon Monoxide Detector High Sensitive Poisoning Warning Alarm Work Smart House Carbon monoxide (CO) gas is a colourless, non-irritating, toxic gas. The average person can't detect themselves when they are accidentally poisoned. If they inhale too much carbon monoxide, they may be life-threatening. Carbon monoxide cannot be perceived by the five senses, so it is very important to install a carbon monoxide detector.

Works With Zigbee Gateway

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1. Working With Okasha Smart Platform Low Power Consumption Zigbee Technology

2. Adopt Standard Zigbee Zha Protocol Super Low Power Consumption Circuit Design

3. Makes A Longer Battery Lifespan

4. Mini Appearance Design, Smart And Fashionable

5. Low Power Indication And Report High-Performance Electrochemical Sensor Adopted

6. Online Monitoring

7. Sound And Flash Alarm Output

8. Tool-Free Installation Design, That Is Affixed That Is Used

Works With Zigbee Gateway

 Working Voltage: DC3V CR123A Lithium Battery

Static Current : ≤20Ua

Alarm Current: ≤60Ma

Sound Alarm: 85Db/1M

Alarm Sensitivity: 30Ppm (120 Minutes)

    50Ppm (60-90Minutes)

    100Ppm (10-40Minutes)

    300Ppm (3Minutes)

Networking: Zigbee Network

Wireless Networking Distance: ≤70M (In The Open Area) 

Anti-Rf Interference: 80Mhz — 1Ghz 10V/M

Working Environment: -10℃ ~ +50℃ 

Working Humidity :Maximum 95%Rh

Dimension: 860*60*49.2mm

Net Weight: 80g ± 3g

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