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Door/Window Sensor allows you to monitor any door, window, or other open/close object in your home. When the object is opened, the battery-powered sensor triggers your security console to immediately sound the alarm, activate the voice dialer, and flash the lights. Door/Window Sensor consists of two components: the sensor and the magnet. The sensor installs on the door/window frame, and the magnet installs on the door/window itself. When the door/window is opened, the two components separate and trigger an alarm.


1. Standard Zigbee HA1.2 protocol, good compatibility.

2. Super low power consumption design, battery lifespan up to 24 months;

3. Real time monitoring closed/open start of door or window;

4. Double reed switch design, suitable for door or window with different direction;

5. Support anti-dismantle alarm;

6. Easy replacement of the battery;

7. Low power alert and report function;

8. Free tool installation, stick and play;

9. Smart and fasion design, with appearance design patent;

10. CE, ROHS, FCC approval

Power:3V Battery, 2 years use life

Size:76*36.6*16.5 mm(body) 76*13.9*16.5mm (magnetic)


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