10A Universal Smart Plug - 3 PIN | Okasha Smart

10A Universal Smart Plug - 3 PIN

LED Smart Light Bulb in Pakistan | Okasha Smart

Okasha Smart LED Bulb Multi Color 12Watt

Wifi Power Extension Universal

Universal 3 Sockets Power Extension/ Strip With Three USB Ports        

This Wireless Power Extension Is A Low-Cost, Affordable Device With MultiplePlugs. That Allows Users To Remote Turn On/Off Connected Appliance Of Different Types And Brands Via App Okasha Smart From Anywhere In The World, And It Can Provide You With Amazing Smart Home Control Experience.

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1. Mobile Remote Control (Supports WiFi etwork)

2. Timing- Set Scheduled / Countdown /Loop  Timers To Turn On Off At Specfied Time

3. Countdown

4. Supports max 8 Enabled Scheduled/Countdown/Loop Timers For Each Device

5. Notification

6. Voice Control (Alexa/Google Home)

7. Remort On / Off From Any Where - Any Time

8. Smart Scene-Triggered On/Off By Temperature, Humidity Or Other Environmental Conditions

9. Sync Status-Real-Time Device Status Provided To App

10.Compatible With Amazon Alexa/Echo, For Google Home, For Google Nest & Okasha Smart.

Wifi Frequency: Wifi 2.4Ghz B/G/N

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