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Smart Wifi Light Dimmer

Pet Water Fountain

Okasha Pet Fountain is designed for Pets with Love. Innovative designs in all aspects deliver better care to Pets. An ion-exchange resin helps to de-ionise your pet's water and a noise minimizing pump means you can have it on for them all day. It also has an activated carbon filter to help clear the water of impurities, one filter is included with the fountain and more can be purchased separately. Its intelligent design is equipped with dual modes to best suit owner and pet, whilst the product's light sensor will switch the fountain from day to night.



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  1. Multiple Filtration & Purification
  2. Capacity (2L)
  3. Water Level Alert
  4. TDS Detection
  5. Remote Control
  6. Filter Replacement Alert
  • Input Voltage - DC 5V 1A
  • Power - <1W(Standby Mode);<5W(Max.)
  • Capacity - 2L
  • Button - Long Press (Factory Reset) Short Press (Replace the Filter)
  • Size - 208x198x181mm
  • Weight - 1210g
  • Communication - Wifi 
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