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Monitor the open/closed status of a door, window, cabinet, safe, or any other open/close object with Okasha smart Door/Window Sensor. This miniscule door/window sensor discreetly monitors your chosen entryways or important storage with its simple design and reduced size. This wireless battery-powered sensor sends intelligent notifications to your panel, such as "door left open" when used with any compatible control panel/receiver.
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1.Based On The Okasha Smart Home Platform, Work With Most Of The Okasha Smart Based Smart Products

2.Working Alone, No Need Connect To The Host, When The Door&Window Opened Send Out Message

Battery: AAA1.5V x 2 (Batteries Not Included)
Standby current: le5uA
Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operating Temperature: -10 Celsius-40 Celsius (14degF-104degF)
Operating Humidity: 20%-85%
Storage Temperature: -10 Celsius -60 Celsius (14degF-140degF)
Storage Humidity: 0%-90%
Standby time : 6 - 12 Months
Range: 45m
Wireless Type : 2.4GHz
Size:Main body : 93mm x40mm x20 mm
Small body : 93mm x 13mm x 20 mm
Net Weight: 64g ± 3g
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